Our team at Innova Integra has been working on the commercialisation and development of a number of of systems and software components that may be of interest for your business or research project. This page provides information on these systems and components.

Systems and Components

We have developed and co-developed a number of systems and components that can be used as a basis for client developments. The following are examples for such systems from our publicly co-funded projects. Please contact us with your specific requirements if you are interested in using our commercial project outcomes.

  • Participation Platform: We are developing a participative engagement platform that allows users to create and participate in multi-stage participation processes online. Our platform can be adapted to similar application domains and is being used in ongoing publicly funded research projects (see Participation Platform).
  • Compliance Monitoring Platform: We are developing a system-agnostic, easy-to-integrate compliance monitoring system that gathers and accumulate a wide range of user and system activity data, stores the data securely and protected from tampering and deploys state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods to analyse the gathered data for potential compliance issues (see Compliance Monitoring Platform)
  • Autonomous Navigation: We have developed an autonomous navigation system intended both for outdoor and indoor navigation of small to medium sized vehicles and robots. This system supports complex goal-driven vehicle navigation in addition to typical navigation and safety features. This system has been demonstrated successfully in research and commercial projects in agricultural and industrial settings (see Projects).
  • Video Analytics: We are experienced in using state-of-the-art video analytics algorithms and analysis pipelines, including the development of custom training sets and the extension of existing algorithms for privacy preservation and the analysis of video analytics output to derive higher-level activities from video content (see Projects).
  • Language Models and Natural Language Processing: We are experienced in developing custom solutions with state-of-the-art open source natural language processing pipelines and large language models for spoken and written user interaction; this includes domain-specific semantic analysis and synthesis as well as sentiment analysis and synthesis in multiple languages (see Projects).
  • Secure Middleware and Communications: We have co-developed the LinkSmart middleware for Internet of Things and distributed devices and systems, which enables secure device integration and virtual device creation over Internet (see Projects).


In addition to our research focus areas, we are very experienced in designing and implementing systems that incorporate our research into fully functioning software systems from prototype up to commercial release and devops level.

We develop using state-of-the-art approaches including modern service-oriented architectures, container-based deployment and management and modern web and app user interfaces.


In addition to technical capabilities, we can contribute further important capabilities to project both in the commercial and public domain:

  • Technical project planning and management from small project to multi-stakeholder transnational projects
  • Software development management of local and distributed team using modern agile software project management methods from requirements engineering to continuous delivery
  • User-centered requirements elicitation, requirements engineering and requirements validation using both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • User-system interaction design, execution and evaluation methods both for rapid prototyping, live system testing and improvements and large-scale validation studies
  • Design, implementation and management of software systems that conform to ethical and privacy design requirements and design goals (including e.g. GDPR compliance)