The Innova Intregra is a multi-disciplinary research and innovation company comprising a number of young creative and highly skilled computer scientists and electronic engineers as well as retained professional consultants with expertise in Data Protection, socio-technical, cognitive -developmental psychology and in particular empirical research and analysis of the socio-psychology of modern hyper-connected global community, online participative social engagement platforms, privacy preserving and accountability engineering of  BIG Data analytics, smart city Internet-of-Things (IoT) and surveillance security.

The company has members who have made key contributions to several large scale European research programmes e.g. VideoSense Network of Excellence for Socio-ethical and Privacy-Preserving Video-Analytics (www.videosense.eu), and, for the EIP Commitment for Privacy-By-Design in Smart Cities Applications. The members have also co-developed the Citizens’ Say Participative Engagement Platform within the EC-Funded Collective Awareness Platform project namely SciCafe2.0 (also referred to as the European Observatory for Crowd Sourcing (www.european-observatory-for-crowdsourcing.eu) for deliberative democracy and Policy Lab Online; MOSIPS: Modelling and Simulation of the Impact of Public Policies on SMEs (MOSIPS) (www.mosips.eu) as well as the earlier IoT enabler research programmes including the EC FP6-funded Hydra Project (www.hydramiddleware.eu) which delivered the open source platform LinkSmart for secure semantic sensor network integration as deployed in many later projects and also of EC FP7-funded ELLIOT (www.Elliot-project.eu), the Experiential Living Lab for the Internet of Things and the SmartSantander project ( www.smartsantander.eu) by co-developing the CityScript Platform.

As such Innova Integra members and retained consultants have a track record of research and innovation with leading contributions in many successful collaborative national and international projects; with funding from various public and private bodies such as Research Councils-UK (EPSRC), Technology Strategy Board -UK (TSB), the European Commission ICT Framework Programmes and Security Research Programmes as well as industry-sponsored research and technology development.

This includes contributions to over 30 collaborative projects and coordination of several large scale collaborative projects which have served to demonstrate the technology capability areas that have been brought together within Innova Integra.