Summary of Achievements

The project consortium successfully concluded the AgriRobot project at the end of March 2020 with the conclusion of demonstrations and reviews by the responsible funding organisations in China and the United Kingdom.

The project achieved all of the main goals defined regarding navigation and precision spraying performance of the originally envisioned solution with components that meet the initial expectations concerning the bill of materials of the developed innovations. We produced two demonstrator implementations of the technologies advanced in the project: an autonomous vehicle demonstrator for outdoor environments in the United Kingdom, and an autonomous vehicle and spraying system demonstrator for outdoor environments in Jiangsu Province.

Beyond the Project

The partners involved in the project are now continuing their work as part of commercial operations with the aim of producing market-ready solutions for the agricultural domain.

If you are interested in working on advancing the commercialisation of autonomous agricultural vehicles, please contact us for the latest status of the our work in this area.