The core team of Innova Integra has extensive experience in contributing to, participating in and leading national and European research projects. On this page, we present an overview of projects in which our team members are currently contributing or have contributed. This includes both projects to which we have contributed while working for Innova Integra and projects they have contributed to previously.

Current Public Projects

Data centres are estimated to consume approximately 1% of global electricity use and contribute to 0.3% of all global CO2 emissions. Climate-neutral data centres have therefore become an important challenge. iDT4GDC aims to develop Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin technologies into a cloud AI platform to digitalise, optimise and automate data centre operations for sustainability purposes. iDT4GDC will guide data centre operations and management towards a sustainable future along the five pillars of power, carbon, water, circular economy and governance.

TeamAware | EU H2020 |
TeamAware aims to develop an integrated and cost-efficient situational awareness system for first responders from different sectors to enhance crisis management, flexibility and reaction capability through real-time, fused, refined, and manageable information by using highly-standardised augmented reality and mobile human machine interfaces.

Completed Public Projects

Safety4Rails | EU H2020 |
The project will deliver methods and systems to increase the safety and recovery of track-based railway and metro transportation; Innova Integra will develop machine learning-driven analytics systems that analyse railway SCADA infrastructure in terms of vulnerabilities, threats and observed activities in order to generate threat and attack impact assessment on infrastructure

SPIRIT | EU H2020 |
Research and development of a privacy-preserving integrated platform for intelligence analytics and identity resolution; Innova Integra is developing subsystems for ethical and legal compliance and privacy preservation in this sensitive data analytics system

Nature4Cities | EU H2020 |
Research of a comprehensive model and system supporting nature-based solutions in cities; Innova Integra is adapting its CITIZENS-SAY community platform for use in co-creation and consultation activities that involve citizens in the lifecycle of nature-based solutions

AgriRobot | Innovate UK |
Development of a system for autonomous navigation and completion of tasks by vehicles in agricultural environments; Innova Integra leads the project and is developing the navigation system and the video analytics for object detection and navigation, and is porting the system to NVidia hardware for in-vehicle use

OnlineS3 | EU H2020 |
Development of an e-policy platform and toolbox of applications and online services to support European regions with the development and monitoring of smart specialisation strategies; Innova Integra contributed online modules for data analysis and data visualisation to the platform

SAM – Socialising Around Media | EU FP7 | Cordis
Development of a media companion second screen system which provides synchromised additional content and creates dynamic social communities; our staff developed the dynamic social community creation and management system for SAM

CityScripts for SmartSantander | EU FP7 |
Development of a system to integrate the Internet of Things environment created in the Spanish city of Santander into an IFTTT-style web application that makes the IoT infrastructure accessible to the individual citizen; our staff developed and integrated a reasoning engine and IoT integration modules to the developed application

Elliot | EU FP7 | Cordis
Development of an Internet of Things platform in which citizens are directly involved in co-creating, exploring and experimenting with novel concepts and technologies; our staff created an integration, communication and analysis subsystem to gather data from distributed IoT source locations, transform and aggregate the data as required and provide users with analysis functionalities for use through a web application user interface

MOSAIC | EU FP7 | Cordis
Conceptualisation and development of a multi-modal situation assessment and analytics platform for the protection of critical infrastructure; our staff coordinated technical project activities, developed a semantic graph model for the application domain and created an advanced data integration and data analytics component to integrate multi-modal intelligence data sources

CompanionAble | EU FP7 | Cordis
Creation of an integrated smart home companion robots environment that supports persons with support needs in staying independent, active and safe for longer; our staff contributed to project management, dialogue management, middleware and smart scripting language developement and evaluations in smart homes across Europe

Hydra Middleware | EU FP6 |
Development of a flexible, smart and secure Internet of Things middleware that integrates a large variety of device types and protocols securely and enables advanced IoT applications; our staff contributed communication and device security functionalities and developed a semantic integration layer for secure reasoning involving IoT devices into the middleware