Innova Integra Ltd.
Innova Integra was the UK project lead partner and overall project coordinator. In the project, Innova Integra was responsible for project management, the navigation system and system integration, and it contributed to the video analytics subsystem for the autonomous vehicle.

Loughborough University
Loughborough University was primarily responsible for the sensing and video analytics subsystem, and contributed to other subsystems and activities in the UK project. The team at Loughborough University was lead by Professor Qinggang Meng. Loughborough University also maintains a separate website for the AgriRobot project, which can be accessed here.

Jiangsu University
Jiangsu University participated in the project as the lead development partner for the intelligent spraying subsystem, for which they leverage their experience with previous developments in this domain. Their main aim in the project was to improve the affordability of their solution while maintaining a similar level of accuracy as they have achieved previously with relatively high-cost approaches.

Nantong Guangyi Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd.
Guangyi was a manufacturer of pesticide deployment equipment and vehicles and participates in the project as the partner responsible for user requirements, demonstration and dissemination activities.

Funding Bodies

The initiative under which the joint projects operate has been funded by UK and Jiangsu Province funding bodies under a joint call.

Innovate UK
Innovate UK was the responsible funding body in the United Kingdom.

Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department
Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department was the responsible funding body in Jiangsu Province.