We are experienced in carrying out contract research and development activities in both fundamental and applied machine learning and broader artificial intelligence topics. Please contact us to discuss your needs with us.

Our capabilities build on a number of core competencies and are enhanced by our focus on practical implementations and successful project execution. Our technical and scientific capabilities form the basis of our work and directly feed into the development of our solutions (described in our Solutions section).

Research Capabilities

Practical Machine Learning
Our research often involves applying state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and methods in novel application contexts. Topics of interest include deep learning for various applications including video analytics, natural language processing including the development and application of large language models, data stream mining, reinforcement learning, custom hardware acceleration for machine learning, the explainability of machine learning outcomes and privacy-preserving machine learning techniques.

Agent Modelling and Predictive Simulations
This includes simulation of actor behaviour over long time periods, agent behaviour modelling and general forms of predictive simulation methods.

Graph Data Models and Algorithms
Our interests in graphs for data modelling and data processing include graphs for semantic data representation, graphs for social network representation/analytics and efficient graph algorithms. We are also working on graph representations of real-world social environments, including small world networks and abnormally structured social networks such as criminal networks.

Social Systems
Our research interests in social systems focus on collective awareness platforms, collaboration platforms, digital social innovation, social robotics, decision support and decision-making systems involving groups of users and/or combinations of users and machines.

Information Visualisation
We are investigating techniques for information visualisation, in particular visualisation of statistical data and the visualisation of results and process information from research systems as described above.

Development Capabilities

In addition to our research focus areas, we are very experienced in designing and implementing systems that incorporate our research into fully functioning software systems from prototype up to commercial release and devops level.

We develop using state-of-the-art approaches including modern service-oriented architectures, container-based deployment and management and modern web and app user interfaces.

Project Delivery Capabilities

In addition to technical capabilities, we can contribute further important capabilities to project both in the commercial and public domain:

  • Technical project planning and management from small project to multi-stakeholder transnational projects
  • Software development management of local and distributed team using modern agile software project management methods from requirements engineering to continuous delivery
  • User-centered requirements elicitation, requirements engineering and requirements validation using both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • User-system interaction design, execution and evaluation methods both for rapid prototyping, live system testing and improvements and large-scale validation studies
  • Design, implementation and management of software systems that conform to ethical and privacy design requirements and design goals (including e.g. GDPR compliance)