Responsible Research & Innovation

Our 6 Responsible Research and Innovation capability areas are as follows:

i) Social-constructs-aware user-centred co-design methodological frameworks, personalisation, collective-awareness-platforms, participative engagement models, digital social innovation, virtual user and Living Lab based usability evaluation, gamification support for citizen-centric socially responsible and responsive innovation, accountability engineering through integrated requirements prioritisation and dynamic usability evaluation and benchmarking methodologies (UI-REF- uniquely grounded in both “psycho-socio-cognitive” and normative ethno-methodological principles).

ii) Socio-ethically reflective and privacy-preserving video and audio analytics, holistic privacy protection regimes impacts assessment, NLP and speech and language processing, smart CCTV, accessibility and privacy protection by-co-design, dynamic media transcoding and privacy filtering; privacy-preserving technologies and secure computation.

iii) Simulation and modelling, agent behaviour modelling, risks data mining and modelling, semantic workflow modelling, social networks modelling, profiling management, serious gaming for behavioural transformation, e-learning, e-government, decision support systems.

iv) Multi modal real-time and affective Human Computer/Robot Interaction (RoboHumatics), Big Data Analytics, machine-learning, multi-modal data fusion, service and social robotics for surveillance, factory automation, healthcare monitoring and control support, rehabilitation engineering and wearables, Human-Robot co-working and dialogue management.

v) Computer network security and trustworthy,  Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, dynamic trust modelling, cloud services, secure semantic sensor network interoperability middleware (LinkSmart), personalised multimodal multimedia information retrieval, network-centric semantic media technologies

vi) FPGA-enabled technology to support hardware-accelerated parallel execution of algorithms serving real-time systems for various applications including embedded systems for mobility and energy efficiency management and edge-smart smart-city applications; modelling and reasoning at the edge.